Number of Industries Paying for Classified DHS Cyberthreat Tips Doubles

The number of industries getting classified cyberthreat tips from DHS has doubled since July (NextGov, 20 Oct 2014) – Firms from half of the nation’s 16 key industries, including wastewater and banking, have paid for special technology to join a Department of Homeland Security program that shares classified cyberthreat intelligence, in hopes of protecting society from a catastrophic cyberattack. Participation in the Enhanced Cybersecurity Services initiative has more than doubled during the past few months. Through the voluntary program – previously exclusive to defense contractors – cleared Internet service providers feed nonpublic government information about threats into the anti-malware systems of critical sector networks. As of July, only three industries – energy, communications and defense – were using the service, according to an unfavorable DHS inspector general audit . Now, befitting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Homeland Security officials say the financial, water, chemical, information technology and transportation sectors also are receiving the threat indicators. Just two months ago, American Chemistry Council officials said they had never heard of the program . The service has been available since 2013.


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