The mission of the JusticeHub Innovation Lab, an initiative of Institute, is to support the access to justice for all mission, which has been established by justice communities world wide. Nearly all legal tech innovation has been focused on the ability for lawyers and corporate legal departments to deliver legal services to their clients more effectively, and failed to address access to justice shortcomings among communities  who need it the most. Except for the legal aid communities hackathons and annual meeting efforts, a concerted global effort to capitalize upon the unique innovation talents of the legal aid technologists does not yet exist. Additionally, innovations created by legal aid leaders resulted in millions of unique visitors to its websites and call centers annually. The public’s trust in the quality of legal aid services and the legal information it provides creates an opportunity to build out a revenue based multi-stakeholder innovation lab to develop open source tools, which will meet the needs of all those seeking access to justice. The raison d’être of JusticeHub is simple but compelling: the legal aid community and the legal community generally, desperately need a way to take the fragmented, stovepiped efforts to bring technology into legal services to one easily discovered virtual location. JusticeHub is that virtual location.