The Tubman Project

The primary goal of Project Tubman is to create a Public defender AI; an open sourced tool that can be used by public defenders to help them defend their clients. This tool will be designed to take some of the load off of the public defenders who are often tasked with more cases than it is humanly possible to take on.


The grant management dashboard is a powerful tool to help maximize grant revenue, balance workloads, and achieve more successful outcomes. The dashboard, coded in R, gives frontline legal aid case handlers direct access to user-friendly data tools that will let them know at a glance whether they are on track to meet key deliverables for grants or projects they are assigned to. For legal aid managers, the dashboard offers additional tools that let them also easily review case and grant data for individual staff or for multiple case handlers on their teams. The dashboard needs only minimal training to use – no data geek experience required!

The Invisibles

This project is about making ‘the Invisibles’ visible, through the creation of legal digital identities for stateless refugees utilizing blockchain technology and a self sovereign identity system.  According to data collected by The UN Refugee Agency, there are approximately ten million “stateless”, people without personal identification, who have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement. This is ten million refugees around the world who could benefit from the Invisible project  and gain access to basic services, education and employment. Read our whitepaper here.

The World United in Song: Tour for Environmental Justice

Featuring Vocal Trash, PeaceTones® is planning a 30 days tour to Liberia, Zambia, Kenya, and Eritrea. The tour will be full of workshops and performances to promote climate justice and human rights. In addition, to the tour to Africa,  Vocal Trash is planning a trip to Fiji, with the support of PeaceTones®.