Many law firms are still relying on paper records instead of digitization

While technology has been raising new questions and even causing problems for some lawyers, it can be helpful in making the practice of law more efficient. Unfortunately, many law firms are not taking advantage of some of the improvements technology can offer.

DocSolid, which provides law firms with the ability to digitize their files, found that of the approximately 200 law firms that were present at their roadshows across the United States and Canada, 84 percent were dependent on paper filing. Relying only on paper filing can be costly and unproductive for modern law firms, and those that are skeptical do not need to completely do away with paper filing. DocSolid states that some firms with digital systems for managing documents also have paper filing systems to organize their physical files, which does away with some of the risk. For example, the firm Lindquist & Vennum’s records are fully digital, but employees who enjoy using paper files still have the ability to do so. While digital files are contrary to tradition, DocSolid suggests that firms should make it a priority to look into digitization.

Article via Legaltech News, August 24, 2015

Photo: Filing via ExeterAnna [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs]