Crowdsourcing website for legal research links articles and cases

Casetext,a free legal research website that uses crowdsourcing to annotate cases, has introduced a brand new tool that publishes attorney’s commentary and connects them to cases they cite. Users of the new LegalPad app can write articles and share them with particular interest groups in the Casetext community

Attorneys who publish articles on the site can create a reputation in their specific areas, according to Casetext.

“Legal writing is exceptionally hard. You feel constantly buried in dozens of sources, trying to keep quotes and citations straight,” according to Jake Heller, Casetext founder. “We crafted technology to help writers focus on what matters most: developing their message.”

Article via ABA Journal, 2 July 2015

Photo: A Writer’s Morning via Gene Wilburn [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs]