Alert to Legal Privacy Implications in M&A Transactions

Privacy and data security issues in M&A transactions (Paul Hastings, 3 Oct 2014) – Because the failure of a target company to meet its privacy and data security obligations can present a significant risk to the acquiring company, compliance with applicable laws should be an important consideration in merger and acquisition transactions. A potential purchaser should seek to understand the nature of the personal information the target collects and the privacy and data security issues relevant to that business. Through due diligence, the purchaser can gain an understanding of the target’s rights and obligations regarding the personal information it has collected, retained, used and disclosed. To assist in that process, this alert provides a checklist of potential privacy and data security issues that may be triggered in mergers and acquisitions.


From MIRLN Founder Vince Polley: [The ABA’s Cyberspace Law Committee is undertaking a project to develop “best-practices” for security planning during M&A events.]


Provided by MIRLN.

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