The International Center for Transitional Justiceor ICTJ, for short, is a an international nonprofit focusing on transitional justice. Transitional justice is defined as a “set of judicial and non-judicial measures that have been implemented by different countries in order to redress the legacies of massive human rights abuses” according to the ICTJ. In order to work towards accomplishing transitional justice, the ICTJ provides policymakers at all levels with technical expertise and advice based upon previous endeavors to undo systemic human rights violations. They also collaborate with those seeking transitional justice, helping everything from criminal proceedings to reparations in countries like Tunisia and Argentina. In addition to working directly to enact transitional justice, the ICTJ researches and reports on efforts to enact transitional justice around the world. In this way, the ICTJ can determine what the best practices are and pass them on to their contacts.

The ICTJ also has created content that allows individuals to learn about transitional justice and areas of the world that have been affected by human rights abuse. Their multimedia content contains photos, audio, videos, and interactive pages that allow users to learn about how individuals and groups of people have specifically been affected by transitional periods in their country’s history. They also regularly post news pertaining to issues of transitional justice around the world.

To learn more about the International Center for Transitional Justice’s work, visit their website.

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Photo: Peace via Steve Rotman [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs]