Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB) believes that mediation is key for peacebuilding, since the “only lasting peace is the one built by the disputants themselves.” Therefore, their goal is to be able to bring mediation and organizational skills to communities experiencing conflict. In turn, those communities can use these skills to make a difference in their own lives and other communities. Currently, their volunteers are working with communities in Israel, Colombia, Sierra Leone, among others.

Mediators Beyond Borders also advocates for the importance of mediation. They are an official observer organization for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They use their position to advocate for legislature to include mediation in regards to solving climate change disputes. Additionally, they support endeavors to educate and increase awareness concerning mediation. Similarly, MBB provides consultancy services and will mediate disputes directly if asked. Not only will they train others in mediation, but they will also provide conflict resolution techniques. Their goal is to resolve issues and repair relationships.

Mediators Beyond Borders particularly advocates to put women in mediator roles. To restore communities who have faced conflict, peacebuilding must occur at every level of society and politics. It has been recognized that women are extremely necessary for this to occur, as advocated for by United Nations. Mediators Beyond Borders’ objective is to provide training for women that gives them a network of support and also establish peacebuilding projects that involve more women in social change.

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Sources: Mediators Beyond Borders

Photo: Peace via Steve Rotman [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs]