Panel: U.S. government sending mixed encryption messages

Privacy professionals are saying the U.S. government is sending mixed encryption messages to technology companies. They build privacy and security by design in products and services, but leave them open to backdoor access by default. This issue became more prominent after an argument whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can force Apple, Inc. to unlock […]

Fight for your right to fix

The Repair Association is fighting the manufacturing industry for your “right to repair everything.” Today, with big corporations dominating the manufacturing industry, it is typically difficult for consumers to find specific parts to fix any kind of technology. The Repair Association is an organization hoping to help make the parts accessible to everyone. With groups […]

Oracle pulls plug on Java browser plug-in

Oracle announced earlier last week its decision to cut the Java browser plug-in. It will not be included in the next version of the kit for Java developers. This plug-in had been a frequent target of hackers and decision to remove was fueled by the browser maker’s withdrawal of support for the plug-in. Oracle did […]