CourtHack: Tech comes to the courts

The CourtHack hackathon is an initiative by the National Center for State Courts in Utah and HackerNest. The purpose is to address the growing digital divide between information from the legal system (law enforcement, legal representation) and the court system (trials cases, judges, courthouses) that needs to access it. The recent Netflix documentary Making a […]

Teenage hackathon addresses cyberbullying

Fifteen teenagers from across the country convened in New York City to participate in and Coca-Cola’s co-sponsored Happiness Hackathon, designed to invent creative solutions to cyberbullying. The one-day event took place on October 3rd. According to, just under 50 percent of young people have been cyberbullied. Equally alarming is the estimate that 90 […]

United Nations creates “Sustainable Development Goals”

The United Nations has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals, an action plan to solve the globe’s most important issues by 2030. Nonprofit founders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators are advocating around the world to execute the UN’s #globalgoals. One of these activists is Hera Hussain, a facilitator of workshops for MakeSense, a worldwide consortium of social entrepreneurs, […]

Top 8 Hackathon Resources

Want to attend a hackathon that not only needs your talents, but fits your mindset?  Maybe you are actually thinking of hosting your own event, but don’t know when to begin? If this describes you, check out our Hackathon Resources page. There you’ll find resources to help manage everything from organizing and planning your hackathon (like Hacker […]