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We are dedicated to bringing access to justice to those who need it the most through shaping the lawyers of tomorrow.


Current law schools are lacking in practical and innovative course selections. By offering courses that reflect the legal field changes that are happening now, students and attorneys will be prepared to help where its needed most quickly and efficiently.


We believe access to justice can be made easier for our communities through online dispute resolution - in courts, in schools, and in commerce.


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The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution


What is The Center For Innovative Justice and Technology?

The Center for Innovative Justice and Technology is an initiative to improve global access to justice through education and the sharing of new ideas.

How does The Center work?

The Center provides a platform for people to take cutting-edge courses on subjects such as online dispute resolution, privacy, and security, and participate in creating innovative solutions to growing justice issues using new legal techniques. The Center also connects the ODR and legal community with a network of organizations and individuals who use technology to promote justice in the legal and dispute resolution fields.

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Conflict resolution and SEL tool that mitigates bullying, is easy to use, and provides rich reporting data.